Motorcycle Action Group

MAG East Midlands

MAG East Midlands

This is the home of the Motorcycle Action Group in the East Midlands of England.


George Shelton is the new regional contact for MAG in the East Midlands.

If you wish to get involved in setting up MAG in the East Midlands you can contact George Shelton at:

Tel: 0870 7743555

E-mail: Click Here

In the meantime visit MAG websites at

Bikers Are Voters
MAG Sport
The Road

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Motorcycle Action Group

We represent motorcyclists on a wide range of issues that affect all aspects of motorcycling.

We represent our members in Westminster and Local Councils through our  dedicated volunteers and lobbying staff who all live and breathe motorcycles.

MAG has a nation-wide network of local groups who organise regular local meetings, political lobbying, demonstrations, social events and charitable functions.

Find out more about MAG and how we work at:

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